Poetry with a small ‘p’

Posted on June 25, 2015

Everybody’s a poet these days, digital spray can in hand – busy on the twitter.

So when National Poetry Day planning looms and you’re organising an event what right do any of us have to pose as poets?

Turning to an anthology of Scottish Women’s Poetry in Falkirk Library yesterday I laughed out loud when I discovered a forward by poet Kathleen Jamie that questions our need to ‘seek permission’ to write poetry. She brilliantly describes her first attempts as ‘blundering into a delicate place’.

As an artist the hardest part is making that first mark, committing pencil to paper.  It is surely the same for every creative act, from the first time you hold that bloke you madly-fancy’s hand to writing your Will as a parent? One thing leads to another, there is no reaction without that first action. So let’s all stop looking over our shoulder for the critic and just get on with it, enjoy it, make some noise, celebrate creative expression in all its forms, write today and edit tomorrow. Power to the poets with a small ‘p’!


No one says shssh in a library anymore!

Union Canal

Union Canal

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