Tall Ship No.4 ‘The Lord Nelson’

Posted on July 29, 2019

After travelling from Leith to Lillesand in July and spending 10 days researching stories linking Norway to Scotland I boarded STS Lord Nelson with The Jubilee Sailing Trust sailing from Fredrickstad in the company of the fine ships taking part in the 2019 Tall Ships Race.

Telling Tales on Ten tall ships – No.4

Shy bairns get nae sweeties – ‘getting gallus’ is the best way to tell tales in Norway

One evening I approached the good ship ‘Christiana’ on a night sail out of Oslo and asked if I could tell a story and I got a free ticket to tell a story for my supper! My shrimp fuelled tale certainly tickled their booze cruisers. Feeling suitably ‘limbered up’ I was ready for my next quest – ship number 4: ‘The Lord Nelson’. On ‘Nellie’ (as she is affectionately called) I had the pleasure of sharing stories with the crew over our 10-day journey to Bergen and then telling some more to visitors at Nellie’s open ship event.

Sea Dog and War hero Bamse

The story of Norwegian sea dog Bamsa’s adventures in Port Edgar and Dundee was a firm favourite with families and the story of Betty Mouat, disabled and drifting for 8 days and nights from Shetland to the shores of Lepsòy Island was well loved. However for me the stories that were the most important were the true tales of tenacity at sea as we sailed.

The Jubilee Sailing Trust’s unique mission is to give people of mixed abilities and circumstances the freedom to explore their ability, potential and place in the world through inclusive adventures at sea.

Standing by to climb the mast on STS Lord Nelson

My Buddy was Karen Sternfeld who has sailed many times on Nellie. Karen taught me more than anyone about how to sail a tall ship, how to stay awake on the night watches and leading from the front how to overcome adversity as she got me climbing up the mast along with first time sailors Marthe Sandanger, Alexander Petersen and Lars Boye Rosseland from Norway.

Marthe prepares to climb the mast

Marthe completes her climb

The fantastic Permanent Crew on board ensured we sailed as equals…

So with their help we all made it up the mast, experienced life in the galley and took up the challenge to become ‘Hookers’ and ‘Tossers’ whilst hauling the anchor into the belly of Lord Nelson.


Above the Futtock Shroud

Norwegian buddies Alexander and Lars

 “Wrap me up in my oil skin and jumper…”

Norway was so friendly and the ships and sailors from all the nations taking part in The Tall Ships Race were so welcoming that the world of political piracy and Brexit buccaneers with the wind in their sails seemed ‘far – far away’.

Long story short I’m longing to go to sea again!