Inspiration and a new project

Posted on January 17, 2015

Stories run through your work like a red thread.

An interesting comment this week from Dutch artist Guda Koster whose work has long inspired me.

Guda Koster - red with white spots

Guda Koster – red with white spots

Meanwhile storyteller Bea Fergusen promises me a story of Stone Soup on her return from her travels.

As I take down the Away Being exhibition one door closes and another opens. My next project as curator of The Thrive Archive is Hearth Heart Earth which will link passion, provision and food poverty.

I’d like to link up with traditional musicians to find songs and tunes about food and survival, there are many pipe tunes that reflect our culinary past here in Scotland so if you have something to share please let me know!

I Lay the Herring in Salt

Brose and Butter

Brochan Lom (porridge)

Scarce o’ Tatties





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