Daisy departs!

Posted on June 6, 2014

The car is loaded and Daisy May is ready to speed south to the Dales Countryside Museum. The preparation and near completion of the Daisy Daisy project has been a busy time. However we hope that the exhibition that opens on June 13th and runs through to September will prompt more cycling tales so that our fascinating archive of stories and memories continues to grow.

Image 2My short film features a story from talented artist Viv Mousdell– who is also part of the Yorkshire Festival – whose family cycled south to find work during the last Great Depression.  Can you imagine taking a tent, a tandem and a toddler and fitting all your belongings in a saddle bag in the hope of a brighter future? Perhaps the alligator running wild in St Helen’s added to their haste. I take my hat off to them and am happy to report that they did eventually find work in Luton.

To find out more stories come and visit us before, during or after the Mountain Stage of the Tour De France! Not long now!